Partner: What should I do if a customer pays the wrong amount? Can I cancel the charge?

If the payment is incorrect, you can cancel it within the same day by logging in to the Smartum online service with your user IDs. However, it is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that they are paying the right amount, so you are not necessarily obligated to make a refund. If you suspect that the mistake has been made by Smartum, please contact our customer service by phone 0600 149 88.

How to cancel a payment:

1. Log in to our online service with your user IDs and select the role of Venue Manager from the panel on the left side. Go to ”Account” -> ”Payment history” and search for the right payment ID. Click the payment open by tapping the ID number.

2. The payment information opens. Click ”Refund”.

3. And voilà, the payment is now cancelled!

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