Beneficiary: How do I pay with the SmartumPay application?

If your employer provides you with the electronic Smartum Saldo benefits, you can use the SmartumPay application for payments, depending on the venue.

How to pay with SmartumPay:

1.    Log in to the SmartumPay application (available in App Store and Google Play Store) with your Smartum username and password.

2.    Find the location where you want to make a payment.

•   If you wish, you can enable the feature ”Show nearest first” . Swipe the button ”Show nearest first” to the right and give the app access to your location.

•    If the location accepts payments with different benefits, choose the appropriate benefit / venue you want to use.

3.    Enter the amount to be paid and continue.

4.    Confirm your payment by swiping and show the payment receipt at the register.

You are now ready to focus on life!

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