Employee: Can I pay with Smartum credits at a ticket agency?

The Smartum Exercise and Culture benefit (exercise and culture vouchers and the electronic exercise and culture saldo) make thousands of sports, entertainment and cultural events available to you all over Finland.

You can use Smartum credits to make payments at most Ticketmaster, Lippu.fi, Tiketti, NetTicket and Pohjanmaan lipputoimisto sales offices. Please use the search function to make sure that the office of your choice is part of the Smartum network.

The search function will also show you the Smartum payment methods (voucher, card payment, SmartumPay mobile payment, or QR payment) accepted by the office. At R-kioski, you can only use QR payments to pay for tickets for events.

Organisers of certain events decide whether to accept Smartum payments. This mainly applies to Tiketti events. If that is the case, you will see a list of events on the website of the ticket agency.

For now, it is not possible to use Smartum credits in the online stores of ticket agencies. You can book tickets according to the instructions of each ticket agency and pay for the tickets with Smartum credits at the ticket office.

NOTE! Tickets bought through Ticketmaster can no longer be picked up at R-kioski. They can only be picked up at the Ticketmaster service points. You can see of list of the service points here.

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