Excercise and culture partner: Problems with electronic payments

What do I do if my customer’s Smartum card does not work when they try to make a payment?

Smartum needs your payment terminal information in order for the transaction to succeed. We will receive your payment terminal information once you have conducted a test payment with the test card we sent to each payment terminal at your facility. Payments made with a Smartum card are always verified. If the verification request made by the payment terminal is not approved, the transaction must not be completed. Possible reasons for a negative verification notice include:

  • The balance on the card is insufficient. -> Try to make a smaller payment.
  • The balance on the card is for the exercise benefit that cannot be used at a cultural facility. -> Payment is not possible.
  • The Smartum system does not recognise your payment terminal. -> contact our customer service on weekdays from 8:30 - 16:00, telephone +358 600 149 88 or email asiakaspalvelu@smartum.fi, so that we can add your payment terminal to our system.

What if we have no payment terminal at our facility?

If you cannot accept card payments, your customer can make an online or mobile payment with a mobile phone. This is of particular concern to small service providers.

Is it possible to overdraw your Smartum account when using the Smartum card?

It is not possible. The Smartum card is a prepaid card, card payments and online payments can only be made for amounts up to the sum of the balance in the account.

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