Lunch partner: Payment instruments and accepting payments

The card can be used to pay for meals at lunchtime in accordance with the current meal benefit mandate of the Finnish Tax Administration. In 2020 customers can use the electronic Smartum Lunch benefit for €6.80 - €10.70 at the time. If the balance on the card is less than €6.80, the customer cannot use the card or SmartumPay to pay for a meal. If the meal costs more than €10.70, ask the customer to pay the excess amount in cash or with another payment method.

The customer cannot get cashback or receive change from payments made with Smartum payment instruments. No additional fees may be charged for making the payment, and any excess amounts can be paid in cash or with another payment method.

Accepting SmartumPay mobile payments

SmartumPay is a mobile payment application, which allows customers to pay for services effortlessly. The customer can use ”Quick payment”, and choose the place of business where they want to make the payment. The customer will first enter the cost of their massage and then verify the payment. They will show the receipt from their smartphone screen to the cashier, who will check the confirmation of the payment transaction.

We recommend that you check the charged amount, the name of the office and the address from the receipt. You can see when your customer’s payment has been made from the top corner of the receipt. The animation in the receipt will move for 30 minutes after the payment is completed, however, the receipt will be valid also after the movement stops.

By clicking the receipt you will get to the review section, where the payment can be marked as checked. The status of the receipt and review section will change to ”Checked”. This ensures that only one service is redeemed with the receipt. The payment is registered into your cash register with the amount that is stated on the receipt.

It is also possible to make QR payments with SmartumPay app. In that case you will need a barcode reader, or you can enter the code manually to Smartum web service to charge the payment.

If your customer’s payment made with the application is flawed, it can be canceled via Smartum web service.

Accepting Smartum card payments

The Smartum payment card is a Visa chip card. After reading the card, the payment terminal prints out a receipt, which is then signed by the customer to confirm the payment. Smartum needs your payment terminal information in order for the transaction to succeed. To provide us with the necessary payment terminal information, you need to conduct a test payment using the Smartum activation card that will be sent to you as soon as your company is registered as a Smartum partner.

Payments made with a Smartum payment card are always verified. If the verification request made by the payment terminal is not approved, the transaction cannot be completed. Any amendments to the transactions should be made using the payment terminal according to the equipment supplier’s instructions.

Accepting Smartum vouchers

In order to prevent forgery, Smartum vouchers are printed by security printers, and they contain several security features. Please check that the voucher is intact and authentic, and that it has not been marked as used. You can identify an authentic voucher that is printed on watermarked paper by checking the consecutive serial number or by looking at the voucher against a light source, for example. Smartum will only pay for authentic vouchers. Also check that the voucher is valid; customers cannot make payments using expired vouchers.

Used vouchers are marked by drawing a line across the value of the voucher printed on the voucher. Please leave the white area at the bottom unmarked.

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